Record 26361   view: standard glossary  histcite guide author(s): bonner mf (bonner, michael f. ); ash s (ash, sharon); grossman m (grossman, murray) title: the new classification of primary progressive aphasia into semantic, logopenic, or nonfluent/agrammatic variants source: current neurology and neuroscience reports 10 (6): 484-490 date: 2010 nov document type: journal : review doi: 10. 1007/s11910-010-0140-4 language: english lcr: 28   cr: 50   lcs: 0   gcs: 0   scs:  comment:   address: hosp univ penn, dept neurol, philadelphia, pa 19104 usa. Reprint: grossman, m, hosp univ penn, dept neurol, 2 gibson,3400 spruce st, philadelphia, pa 19104 usa. E-mail: michafra@mail. Med. Upenn. Edu ash@babel. Ling. viagra fast shipping Upenn. Edu mgrossma@mail. viagra response time Med. Upenn. Edu author keywords: primary progressive aphasia (ppa); semantic variant ppa (svppa); semantic dementia (sd); semantic ppa (ppa-s); logopenic variant ppa (lvppa); logopenic progressive aphasia (lpa); logopenic ppa (ppa-l); nonfluent/agrammatic variant ppa (navppa); progressive nonfluent aphasia (pnfa); agrammatic ppa (ppa-g); frontotemporal dementia (ftd, ftld); alzheimer's disease (ad) keywords plus: nonaphasic frontotemporal dementia; nonfluent aphasia; speech articulation; lobar degeneration; alzheimers-disease; language; brain; representation; comprehension; diagnosis abstract: primary progressive aphasia (ppa), typically resulting from a neurodegenerative disease such as frontotemporal lobar degeneration or alzheimer's disease, is characterized by a progressive loss of specific language functions with relative sparing of other cognitive domains. Three variants of ppa are now recognized: semantic variant, logopenic variant, and nonfluent/agrammatic variant. We discuss recent work characterizing the neurolinguistic, neuropsychological, imaging and pathologic profiles associated with these variants. Improved reliability of diagnoses will be increasingly important as trials for etiology-specific treatments become available. We also discuss the implications of these syndromes for theories of language function. Cited references: adlam alr, 2006, brain 11, v129, p3066, doi 10. 1093/brain/awl285 agosta f, 2010, brain 1, v133, p286, doi 10. 1093/brain/awp233 ash s, 2009, j neurolinguist, v22, p370, doi 10. 1016/j. Jneuroling. 2008. cheapest overnight viagra 12. 001 ash s, 2010, brain lang, v113, p13, doi 10. 1016/j. Bandl. 2009. 12. 001 avants b, 2007, med im comp comp ass, v10, p303 baldo jv, 2006, neuropsychology, v20, p529, doi 10. viagra headquarters toronto photo 1037/0894-4105. generic viagra 20. 5. buy viagra online us 529 bonner mf, 2009, cogn neuropsychol, v26, p568, doi 10. viagra canada overnight delivery 1080/02643290903512305 dronkers nf, 1996, nature, v384, p159 duda jt, 2008, med image comput com, v12, p191 galton cj, 2000, brain 3, v123, p484 gornotempini ml, 2004, ann neurol, v55, p335, doi 10. viagra response time 1002/ana. 10825 gornotempini ml, 2008, neurology, v71, p1227, doi 10. viagra side effects in men 1212/01. cheap online viagra Wnl. buy generic drugs from india 0000320506. 79811. Da grossman m, 2004, clin neurology, p1 grossman m, 2004, neurocase, v10, p3 grossman m, 2007, arch neurol-chica. viagra response time Executive family homes are located on a beautiful new subdivision in Surrey.
Robson Creek Estates’ park-like setting backs on to Robson Creek from the north and Prince Charles school from the east.